Our process for working with brands


High-level business review

Share your company overview and financial information with EcommerceBrands. We will review, come back with questions and schedule an initial call with you.

Detailed review of your business

After our first call, we will set up 2 - 3 follow-up calls so we can better understand your business and share our model with you. This step will include requesting key documents that provide a financial picture of your business, so we can properly value your company.

Letter of intent

Once we’ve made the decision to acquire your company, we will send you a Letter of Intent which will provide the high-level terms of the deal. We will also share our thoughts on what we would like to do with your business so that you will be comfortable that we will be good stewards of what you have built.

Due dilligence

Once we have received a signed Letter of Intent, we will kick off a formal confirmatory diligence process where we will review the business, financial, and legal information while working towards a purchase agreement. We run a structured process to make this as efficient as possible for you. Once complete, both parties will sign the purchase agreement and we will wire funds over to you!


Once you have signed the purchase agreement, we will kick off the integration process.  We stagger integration into discrete phases revolving around accounting, people and technical integration first.  We then fast follow with additional functional strategies where we can drive growth through our capabilities.


What is the financial profile of the companies you typically acquire?

We typically look for companies that have generated between $5M - $100M in gross revenues for at least 2 years and are currently EBITDA positive.

How long does the entire process take?

The entire process from Initial Review to Closing can take up to 45 days. There is also a post-close integration process which will be dependent upon the business.

What categories do you prefer?

We are currently focused on companies within the aftermarket parts space including automotive, commercial, power sports, marine, motorcycle and RV. However, if you have a niche/audience-focused business outside of this market that meets our financial profile, please reach out to our team to have a conversation.

What channels are you looking for?

We are looking primarily for DTC businesses, but will also consider FBA businesses that are looking to scale to a DTC site and online marketplaces like Walmart, eBay, in addition to Amazon.

What information do you need from me?

The more information you can provide to our team upfront, the better. We would love to see the following:

  • Detailed P&L by month for the last 2 - 4 years
  • Breakdown of sales by supplies
  • Overview of your ownership structure
  • Overview of business opportunities and challenges

If this documentation is not readily available, our team is here to partner with you to pull all these documents together.